Seraphim Wood- Specialist: Supplemental Benefits in New York and New Jersey

Offering Aflac's Supplemental Benefits and AllyHealth Telemedicine 

Why would I consider Supplemental Employee Benefits?

It's obvious!

In today’s changing health care landscape, Aflac offers products that help strengthen your employee's medical coverage to help with expenses they're not prepared to pay. Here's how: We pay cash benefits regardless of any other insurance coverage your employees have in place, including policies available through government healthcare exchanges. By providing your employees with the resources to keep their minds off their finances, you can keep their focus on their jobs.  

If you are looking for Supplemental Benefits in New York or New Jersey please contact me at for more information!

Supplemental Insurance and employee benefits in New York

Seraphim Wood is here to help you help your employees!

What makes him different from others?

Seraphim sees his work with Aflac and AllyHealth as an expression of community service in general and service to his policyholders in particular. He is active in his local community through the Spring Valley Rotary Club as well as volunteering with Meals on Wheels, Keep Rockland Beautiful, the Center for Safety & Change and others. 


Testimonials of Seraphim's Work

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Center for Safety & Change (pdf)


Liberty Land Abstract (pdf)


Chemflowtronics (pdf)


Dr. Rimma Sherman (pdf)


Cornea and Laser Eye Institute (PDF)


Meals on Wheels (pdf)


Rockland Coaches (pdf)