What is AllyHealth Telemedicine?


Access to Doctors

 24/7/365 direct phone or video access to family doctors and pediatricians for consults, diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions for a wide range of common health conditions treatable virtually. On your schedule. 

Advocacy and Care Navigation

Your Personal Health Ally provides high-touch guidance through all facets of the healthcare system, from benefit explanations, to guidance on billing issues, to one-on-one support for health concerns, and everything in between virtually. On your schedule. 

Mental Health Therapists

 Help prevent and treat mental health issues by offering easy, confidential, and affordable access to mental health professionals. 

Virtual Access to Specialists

 AllyHealth provides virtual access to a wide range of specialists, including speech therapists, lactation coaches, dermatologists, psychologists, and more 

Health and Wellness Coaching

 Want to lose weight? Quit smoking? Eat healthier? Get fit? Our virtual coaches can help you with these goals and more. 

How to Enroll?

It's very easy! Just click here to fill out the enrollment form: